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Earn $1,500 A Week! Become a *Marketing Associate* for The SPYDER Store

Can you sell a product? Can you promote? Do you have ambition? We’ve teamed up with
The Spyder Store to give you a great new product that practically sells itself!

The All New Hands-Free Spyder Smartphone Carrier allows you to carry your
smartphone around your neck by a lanyard! No one’s heard of it and everyone wants one!
This is your chance to start on the ground floor and make a great income!
If you think you can excel at promotions and sales, please read on!

Join the many people already earning top dollar for their time and effort!

If you’re serious about wanting extra money, you have found the perfect company to
assist you in your goal. If you’ve tried other jobs that never seemed to fit your talents,
perhaps we can offer you that perfect opportunity. Well, we have what you need,
a great opportunity to make your life a whole lot better!

Work when you want! If you are the average person with family & friends, you are already
successful! You can use Social Media to sell to everyone! We hope this sounds easy,
because it is! And it is rewarding! We are willing to take a chance on you if you are willing
to take a chance on yourself! You’ll have our support and the promise that with a little bit
of effort, you will be successful. You can get started by registering
with us, and we’ll help in any way that we can!

Here’s How It Works!

For a one-time $24.95, you get your very own personalized Affiliate Webpage and your very own SPYDER!
We supply the product and take care of the shipping, you promote your Webpage - this is your only job.
We’re not promising you riches beyond all your dreams, but if you work hard, you will certainly
have a great income that will allow you to become financially independent.

Here’s What You Get:

Personalized Affiliate Webpage

The All-New SPYDER Smartphone Carrier

Over 50% Commissions

Complete Business Support

You can also sell to family & friends, on Ebay or Amazon, Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even on your own website! The list is nearly endless! You are only limited by your own imagination. You can check out
The SPYDER yourself at their website:

The average income is about $1,500 a week! Most associates earn much more and you can too! It all
depends on how much work you put in, what you want to earn and how creative you are.

If you can place a Free ad, you will do very well. There is no way to answer all your questions here,
so in case you have further question before you sign up, please email - To answer any follow-up questions you may have.

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